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Training time: 85 min / day

Length of training: 50 days

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+ Reflex training
+ Muscle memory training
+ Consistency boost

Training time: 40-70 min / day

Length of training: 40 days

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Premium training PRO
Reflex training
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Training time: 40-70 min / day

Length of training: 40 days

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1. What is the difference between free and premium?

The first version of our tutorial was developed 3 years ago. We decided to help in the development of Counter-Strike community and we made that training completely free. Together with new experiences and recieved feedback, we have created a much more advanced training formula. The premium version is simply more extensive and gives faster results. By using premium you will feel the growth of skill earlier and you will become better in a shorter time. You train only 40 days, 70 minutes a day (while in the free version, it is 50 days and 85 minutes a day).

2. I was using free version, can I change to premium?

Yes, sure! If you have used the free version so far, nothing prevents you from switching to the premium version. The exception is when you are in the last days of free training – in this case, we recommend completing the current training course and possibly starting premium schedule as a complementary training. We are more than sure that in this way you will become even better.

3. What is the difference between Premium and Premium X?

There are two important differences between the standard Premium and Premium X. First of all, if you are Premium X user, your questions and support-tickets are the first in the queue and you can count on almost immediate help (in the case of Premium, we have 3 business days to answer). Secondly, by buying Premium X, you get all upcoming training plan updates and some nice things in near future. We plan a few key-updates, along with the further development of our project and the new website.

4. How much does it really cost?

You pay as much as you see here! Standard Premium costs € 1.99, while Premium X costs € 3.49. The given prices are one-off prices and provide instant access to our panel. This is not a subscription! You pay once and enjoy lifetime access. We do not hide any fees, however, depending on the country you come from, you may be charged extra costs for currency conversion, etc. In case of charging an additional fee (eg from the payment gateway), we divide it in half – you pay 50% of the fee, we pay the remaining 50% from our wallet. We hope that this is a fair solution, as we do not earn anything from those fees.

5. Are there any promotions available?

Along the development of our project, we will offer discounts on special days and holidays. Information on such actions will be always available on our website. If you do not see any information, there is a good chance that there are currently no promotions. However, if you love promotions, we have created a special discount code -5% for people reading the FAQs. Code: FAQCREW5

6. Why exactly do you offer a free version?

We know what financial problems are, as we have experienced them in the past. Since then, personal development has been on the first place in our heads, not money. We would like to continue to help and to lead the community in a better direction. Something that nobody wanted to do before. Therefore, we have offered and will always offer a free version of our tutorial, for people who can’t afford it.

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