How to end warmup in CS:GO

how to end warmup in csgo
how to end warmup in csgo

Brief: Wondering what to do to skip warmup or freezetime? Here’s how to end warmup in CS:GO.

In some situations, the CS:GO warm-up is annoying. You don’t want to waste time, but you have to wait 60 seconds or longer until it’s over… And you don’t like waiting, do you? That’s why today we’ll show you how to prevent it.


Depending on what you need, there are 3 ways to change or end the CS:GO warmup:

  • 1st option: End warmup in offline mode when you want to play with bots.
  • 2nd option: Skip 15 seconds freeze-time when you can’t move on the spawn.
  • 3rd option: End the warm-up on your own server using rcon commands.

How to end warmup in CS:GO with bots?

The first way shows how to end warmup in custom match or in other words, offline mode or private server.

end warmup in csgo with bots

Almost every offline match starts with a short custom warmup. This normally takes 60 seconds and serves as a warm-up for your hand and mind. In most cases, however, this is unnecessary.

To end the warmup only in this match, make sure you have an active developer console. Then open it by clicking on the ~ key and type the command below:


To remove the warmup in each match, you need to edit the config.cfg file. Open it and change this command:

mp_warmuptime "0"

When you do that, reboot the game. All the next matches will start without a warmup.

Tip: You can change the standard warm-up time of 15 seconds. All you have to do is enter the desired value instead of the value 0. For example: For a warm-up time of 5 seconds in CS:GO, enter mp_ warmuptime 5.

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How to skip 15-second freezetime on spawn?

The second way is not about the CS:GO warmup, but about the freezetime at the beginning of each round.

skip 15-seconds freezetime on spawn in csgo

A lot of players confuse a warmup with a freezetime. Freezetime is the moment at the beginning of a round when you cannot move. The only thing you can do is buy weapons and equipment.

To remove or skip the 15 second freeze-time, use this command:

mp_freezetime "0"; mp_restartgame "1"

After entering the above mentioned commands, the match will restart and all rounds will start without a freeze.

Tip: Both mp_warmuptime and mp_freezetime can be adjusted. Instead of the value 0, you can enter any number of seconds. For example: mp_freezetime 3 will make you unable to move on spawn for 3 seconds.

How to end CS:GO warmup on rcon server?

The third way is to end warmup in CS:GO on your own server, thanks to the rcon console commands.

end csgo warmup on rcon server

A warmup on your own or competitive server usually takes 300 seconds. Although most servers use a standard value, some choose to remove it completely or shorten this time.

As the owner of a server, you can end the pre-match warm-up in the same way as an offline server. The only difference is that you must type ‘rcon’ before the command.

To end the warm-up, open the console by clicking ~ and type the command:

rcon mp_warmup_end

If you want to completely remove the warm-up after the map change (not freeze), use this command:

rcon mp_warmuptime "0"; rcon mp_restartgame "1"


The default CS:GO warm-up takes 60 seconds. It has a very important function, because it allows you to prepare for the game and gives extra time to join the server.

In case of non-ranking matches, the warm-up is often unnecessary. In order not to waste time, it is worth to end it or remove it completely.


You have 3 options to do this:

  • end warmup in offline mode;
  • delete the freezetime at the beginning of the round;
  • skip warmup on your own server.

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