How to show FPS in CS:GO

how to show FPS in csgo
how to show FPS in csgo

Brief: Wondering how many frames per second do you have while playing? Here’s how to show FPS in CS:GO.

Every player wants to measure the performance of their computer. Its determinant in many games is the number of FPSs. This allows us to see which changes are positive for the game performance and which are not.

For CS:GO, optimizing the FPS number is very important. Insufficient frame rates will prevent the game from running smoothly and give our opponents an advantage.


In CS:GO, you have 4 options to see your FPS:

  • Show your frame count with an FPS command;
  • Check FPS and connection data on the graph;
  • Display the frame rate in Steam overlay;
  • Show FPS using additional applications.

1. How to show FPS via command

The first way to show FPS in CS:GO is to use the command.

This is also the easiest and most commonly used way to see how many frames per second you have in the game.

Good to know: By adding this command, you will see the FPS number at the top of the screen. The big advantage of this feature is that it will not distract you. However, some players say that it's difficult to read the exact number and therefore recommend other ways.

Step 1: Make sure you have the developer console activated

Start by checking that the console is active. Enter the game options, select the “Game” tab, and at the very top search for “Enable Developer Console”. Click on “Yes” and close the settings.

enable developer console to show fps

Step 2: Enter the command to show FPS in the console

Open the console. It is usually set to ~. Then type the following command:

cl_showfps 1
enter cl_showfps command

Tip: If the console does not open when you press the ~ key, you most likely need to change your keyboard settings. Open the game options, go to the ``Keyboard / Mouse`` tab and click on ``UI keys``. Then change the ``Toggle Console`` option at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Check the number of frames

From now on you will see the number of CS:GO FPS at the top of the screen..

check fps number

Tip: If you want to disable this feature, use the cl_showfps 0 command.

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2. How to show FPS on a graph

The second way to show the FPS number in CS:GO is to activate the net graph command.

This is very popular among players with more experience, because it allows you to show detailed data about the game.

Good to know: This command may distract you because it takes up a large part of your screen. In addition to the FPS number, you will also see data about your internet connection, server tickrate and so on. We do not recommend to have it turned on all the time.

Step 1: Enable graph in the console

As in the first way, activate the console and open it by clicking the ~ key. Then type the following command:

net_graph 1
enable net_graph via console

Step 2: See FPS and customize the graph

From now on, you’ll see advanced performance data for your computer and network connection at the bottom of the screen.

see fps in cs:go on a graph

You can adjust the appearance of this graph by changing the command value. The options available are 1, 2, 3 and 4. They work only when sv_cheats 1 is enabled.

For example: net_graph 3 command shows the number of FPS and the connection speed graph.

Tip: If you want to reduce the font size, use the net_graphproportionalfont 0.5 command.

3. How to show FPS via Steam settings

The third way to check the framerate in CS:GO is to use Steam Overlay.

This way is not widely used and not everyone knows about it. As a rule, it is definitely better to use the first two ways.

Good to know: To enable this setting, you need to enable the so-called Steam Overlay. On older computers it can cause FPS drops.

Step 1: Go to Steam settings

Start the Steam application. At the top of the screen, click “Steam” and select “Settings”.

open steam settings

Step 2: Open the game options and activate the counter

From the menu on the left, click the “In-Game” tab and select “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game”. Then search for the “In-game FPS counter Steam” option, select where you want the counter to appear and click “OK”.

activate cs:go fps counter

Step 3: Restart the game to show the FPS counter

Changes will only be visible when you restart the game. You will then see the FPS counter at the location you chose.

show fps counter in the game

Tip: If you want the FPS counter to be more visible, check ``High contract color`` in your settings.

4. How to show FPS via third-party app

A fourth way to display FPS in CS:GO is to use other applications such as Fraps.

This method is not recommended. You should only use it if the previous methods do not work for some reason.

Note: Enabling other applications during gameplay will add extra load to the CPU and RAM. This causes the performance of the game to deteriorate, which also means less FPS.

Step 1: Download and install the Fraps app

Start by downloading the application from the official Fraps website. After downloading the file, install a new program.

install fraps

Step 2: Configure the settings

Open Fraps and go to the “FPS” tab. Then, in the “Overlay Corner” field, select where you want the counter to be displayed.

configure fraps settings

Step 3: Check the FPS counter

From now on, you will see an FPS counter (similar to that of Steam Overlay) in the place you choose.

see fps counter via the app

Good to know: Other popular applications that allow us to check the FPS number are: CamWebApp, MSI Afterburner, FPS monitor, GeForce Experience and Dxtory.

Why should you see FPS in CS:GO?

As you can see, showing FPS in CS:GO is very simple and no player should have a problem with it. However, some players may wonder why they should even bother and check the frame rate on their computer

why show fps - csgo

The answer is simple! The frame rate tells us how smooth the game will be. Players do everything to have the smoothest possible gameplay and that’s why they need to see their FPS.


Here are a few reasons to see FPS in CS:GO:

  • Debugging setup issues: When the game stops running smoothly and the lags appear, it’s worth finding a bottleneck, an aspect that causes lags. It will be extremely helpful in this case to adjust your setup and check the FPS number in real time.
  • Configuring game settings: Not all of us can afford to buy a high-end computer. If you have a weaker computer, you need to adjust your settings to achieve more FPS. With every change you make, you should see your FPS and know if it has increased or decreased.
  • Selecting map pools: Some maps are more demanding than others. Even if you do your best to get as much FPS as possible, you may experience huge drops in frame rates on some maps (such as de_cache). Then you should also avoid these maps and choose those where you have no lags.

Tip: Change the crosshair for a few days during the inconsistency period. This will be an important stimulus for your brain and will make you more focused in the game.

How much FPS is needed in CS:GO?

The answer to how much FPS you should have is not clear and depends on your individual situation. Much depends particularly on how often your monitor refreshes.

optimal fps - csgo

While some people will need 60 FPS, others will need a fixed 240 FPS to enjoy smooth gameplay.


Here’s what you need to know about FPS in CS:GO:

  • Refresh Rate: This is probably the most important factor. If the FPS number is lower than the refresh rate, you will have lags. If you play 60 hz monitor, you need at least 60 FPS. People who play 144 hz need 144 FPS, etc.
  • Minimum FPS: The more FPS and the higher the refresh rate, the more enjoyable the game. The absolute minimum in CS:GO is 30 FPS – anything below this value makes the game unplayable. This is obviously an extreme value and a very small handful of players have less than 60 FPS.
  • Optimal number of FPS: In practice, to be sure and play without lags, you should have 2 times more FPS than the refresh rate. So if you have a 144 hz monitor, it’s a good idea to choose a game setting that will allow you to play with a fixed 288 FPS.

Tip: The mentioned ``2 times more`` rule is important because the FPS number is changing. You can have 300 FPS on the spawn, but see 120 FPS when you are fighting an opponent near a smoke grenade. This should be taken into account when configuring the settings.


FPS lets you determine the performance of your computer. The greater the number of FPS, the smoother the gameplay. This is especially important in games like CS:GO, where even a small lag can make you lose a fight and even a whole match.

If you want to improve the smoothness of the game and reduce lags, the first thing you need to start with is to see FPS.

You have 4 options to show FPS in CS:GO:

  • By activating the console command (cl_showfps 1);
  • By enabling the graph (net_graph 1);
  • By Steam Overlay;
  • By additional applications (e.g. Fraps).


Checking the amount of FPS can be helpful in many ways. First of all, this allows you to solve problems with your setup. Secondly, you will be able to adjust the best possible game settings. Thirdly, you will know which maps are the most demanding and which you should avoid.

To enjoy smooth gameplay, do your best to have 2 times more FPS than your monitor refresh rate.

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